We offer plastic and corrugated packaging for bakery, cold food, condiments & sauces, dry food, confectionery, dairy, oil & fats, fresh food, frozen food, prepared food & snack food.

  • Cardboard Display

    Cardboard Display

    Paperboard display boxes are suitable for packing products in various sectors.

  • Form-Fill-Seal Pouches

    Form-Fill-Seal Pouches

    Multi-layer laminated printed FFS (form-fill-seal) rolls for packing food and non-food items on vertical and horizontal FFS machines.

  • Gable Top

    Gable Top

    Customizable gable tops for packing liquid products.

  • Labels


    Customized wrap-around labels for labeling a variety of applications including bottles, containers, cans, and more.

  • Roll Fed Lids

    Roll Fed Lids

    Aluminum lidding used for lidding thermoformed cups for yogurt, water, condiments, nuts, dry food.

  • Sachet and Stick

    Sachet and Stick

    Single-serve sachets and stick packs used for packing & preserving freshness of packed products.

  • Stand Up Pouch

    Stand Up Pouch

    Printed and laminated pre-made pouches and bags suitable for packing food and non-food products.

  • Unit Carton

    Unit Carton

    Unit cartons to communicate brand values and get attention on shelf from consumers while performing the functionality of display and protecting its contents.

  • Wrapper


    Mono and laminated metalized film with excellent aroma, sealing and light barrier properties.