Gable Top

Customizable gable tops for packing liquid products.


Made from lightweight and fully recyclable material, our gable tops are suitable for liquid products, dairy products, and juices.

This packaging solution for liquids can be fully customized in terms of dimensions, paper combination, and finishing techniques to suit your existing product line. Completely manufactured with virgin pulp board, our gable tops comply with international hygiene standards and ensure product freshness for the entire product shelf life.

Not only will it protect your products during transportation, but with our advanced offset printing technique, this packaging will also act as a strong communication tool, increasing brand awareness.

Our gable tops are delivered flame-sealed, ready to be filled at your premises with the help of a gable-top filling machine.


  • Paperboard
  • PE


  • Recylcing

    Partly degradable due to inner and outer PE coating

  • Sizes

    Available in different sizes, including 250 mL, 1 L and 1.15 L



  • Beverage
    • Non Carbonated Beer


  • Dairy
    • Drinking Yoghurt

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